Monday, April 11, 2011

How to perform Natural Spawning of Marble Goby

How to perform Natural Spawning of Marble Goby

1) Inject sexually matured females of about 250grams to 500grams each wih DW DOM Hormone. Then put it in pairs with the males into ponds

2) After injection ovulation will takes about 2.4 days to 3.8 days.

3) Upon ovulation, females will start spawning

4) After spawning, females will leave the fertilised eggs at the eggs collector and the males will guard it.

An 500 grams female can produce 25, 000 eggs.

5) If the females is allowed to lay eggs NATURALLY, high fertilization and high hatching rate is achieved.

6) Then the eggs collectors is put into incubator or aquaria, keep it for 3-5 days

7) after 3-5 days, transfer them to concrete tank which is fretilized with micro-zooplankton

8) From day 7 to day 20 feed them with chicken egg slurry mixed with live rotifiers.

9) On the day 21 feed with MACRO-zooplankton

10) After 30 days, feed with live shrimps. At this stage fry size is about 1cm

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